About us

Team up with talent

Our talent? Finding the talent that helps you improve further. In order to do so, we have to find the perfect match between our candidate and your vacancies. Or, as our name already states: find a jobmatch. Every day we go all out to find the perfect match between candidates and companies. We have been doing this for nearly 40 years. And it pays off, as finding this perfect match requires expertise. Read all about it in our mission and vision.

Made-to-measure approach

Jobmatch's unique approach works two ways: our agency workers and our clients.

With our individual approach, passion and eye for quality we invest in a solid long term professional relationship with our clients and agency workers. As soon as we find the most talented candidate, we constantly guide and motivatie him or her. Our staffing consultants are always available for his or her questions.

We also work to measure of our clients and our clients are very diverse. Our clients are both the companies as the candidates that are both looking for a specific approach. Our general agencies and our specialised agencies will fulfill their demands.

Jobmatch, employment agency pioneer

Jobmatch was among the first employment agencies in Belgium. Our service started in 1978. Back then we were still called BIK Interim, member of the American Temco Group. In 2016 the management of BIK Interim at that time obtained the BIK Interim shares. This was possible after Temco (of which BIK Interim was a member) was taken over by the French group Atalian.

For now, Jobmatch has 16 agencies, but for 2017 we have a few more new offices on the way. This way Jobmatch remains one of the fastest growing companies on our country's employment market.